This loving cat book includes 55 pictures showing Rainbow getting along with her chicken friends.

Nicolette will help you:

  • Strengthen your vision to see love happening around you.
  • Improve your ability to see peaceful beauty in simple everyday moments.
  • Enhance your awareness of being kind and loving.
  • Renew your appreciation of God’s humor.
  • Increase your motivation to get along with others different from yourself.

Nicolette raised chickens for 20 years, but being a creative artist, she did much more than that. When her young cat Rainbow started befriending and interacting with her new chickens, she documented this with many photos. She turned some of these unique photos into art, and in each of the hand painted pieces she added hidden Bible verses. Now join her as she shares these colorful pictures, including some with her youngest son Ryan Luke, horses, baby chicks, and several with Wendi-Mae chick while living on a horse ranch. Enjoy the beauty she captured as you discover the images that bring smiles to the faces of all who see them in RAINBOW and FRIENDS LOVE ONE ANOTHER.